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The Top 5 ways to Sabotage your Weight loss Journey?

1. Eating when you aren’t hungry If you are working out consistently and eating the right foods it may seems strange that your fat isn’t simply melting away. It could be that you are eating too much food.Try tracking your food for 7 days. You may be surprised with your findings. 2. Not watching portion […]

Ways to reduce your sugar cravings!

1. Willpower is a finite resource Relying on willpower alone requires huge amounts of mental energy, which is inevitably in low supply at the end of a long day or during stressful times. Have a plan in place that will help you to stop, or at least diminish sugar cravings before they even start. 2. […]

Lower the risk of a cold this winter

  It’s that time of year again. Suddenly there’s sneezes and coughs everywhere you turn. Follow these simple steps and you may lower your chances of picking up a nasty cold. 1. Wash your hands frequently. Cold and flu viruses need to get from nose to nose. They’re passed around in mucus, sometimes from coughs and […]

How The Milon Circle works

Have ever found it hard to adjust a machine in the gym? Felt like you are not doing an exercise properly or will look silly trying to remember just what the trainer showed you? Then, Milon is the solution! Gone are the days of adjusting machines and resistance, now Milon technology will do it all […]