A lot of our members have been asking us about Intermittent Fasting and if it works.  As fitness professionals we refrain from prescribing fad diets but we have done some research into this trending topic and liaised with nutritionists for their thoughts so that we might share it with you.

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We are open all Bank Holiday for your fitness needs and don’t forget to bring a guest for free and earn double rewards points all weekend! Here’s our class times and opening hours over the weekend.

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We have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure ICON is always a safe environment for all our staff and members. During April we have invested in numerous staff training days including First Aid/defibrillator, manual handling, and chemical training. We feel it is extremely important to have the most highly qualified and skilled staff so that you our member’s are provided the safest and most comfortable environment to work-out in! We are proud to say that 90% of our team are qualified first aiders meaning that should anything happen we are always close-by.

Club maintenance:

Here at ICON we like to keep our equipment in tip top shape. Especially with our Keiser M3 bikes we perform regular scheduled preventive maintenance to maintain your sweet ride. This month we preformed a comprehensive inspection of the overall frame and main assembly components of the group cycle bikes so that the overall performances of the bikes are consistent and of a high standard. This was carried out by our supplier and maintenance team.

We also completed a face-lift on our sauna with our maintenance team cleaning and painting all the benches inside as well as checking the mechanical elements in the heater to make sure the temperature is at a perfect heat.

As always, we ask that you respect the code of conduct for classes and the use of the app. We have increased the cancellation period from 30 minutes to 2 hours. This should mean that people on the waiting lists will not be added to the class 30 minutes before it commences and will give them enough time to attend the class or call reception to cancel if the cutoff time has passed.

The rules regarding bookings and classes are in place to ensure that all members can attend the classes of their choice. Current statistics show that class attendance is on average at 70% which means there is plenty of space for everybody but if you forget to cancel a booking others may lose out.  If you have any queries then please contact the team at reception.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding the club or your membership, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Wishing you all a fantastic Easter.  Don’t forget we are open all weekend so we hope to see you!

The Easter egg is a huge temptation and whilst we know some of you are going to treat yourselves this Easter, don’t forget to include the natural egg in your diet all year round. Eggs pack a nutritional punch and are great for muscle recovery after a workout. They are affordable and best of all tasty!

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But first. Coffee!

At Iconic we love when we hear something we enjoy is good for us as it takes away all guilt (we don’t do guilt!). It’s the little things in life that make us happy and nothing perks us up better than a decent cup of coffee.

If you regularly partake you know how it can inject a bit of life into you almost instantly, but did you know coffee has antioxidants and can help you workout for longer at a more intense level.

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It’s easy to get confused on protein. So many foods, from Snickers to Weetabix, have some added in. But how much do we need, and from what sources, and if we are exercising a lot do we need more?

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We had another wildly successful year at the latest industry gold standard Nutramino National Health & Fitness awards scooping first prize in four categories and winning all the accolades for Gym Team of the Year.

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Fancy a challenge?  Well jump on board for a Paddy Pedal challenge.  Sign up today via a mobile app and track your progress. Click to read the full details. 

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